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Below are some answers to questions we hear a lot, but please Contact us for more information or any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • What is "gentle pasteurization"?

    Gentle pasteurization, also known in the industry as “flash pasteurization”, is our minimal processing technique that provides food safety assurance and a foodservice-friendly shelf life for our products, while retaining the volatile flavor compounds, vitamins and natural enzymes that give our juices their fresh-squeezed flavor and aroma.

  • What is a condensed juice product?

    Our condensed lemonades and juice-based blends are made with the same high quality ingredients and not-from-concentrate juices as our ready to drink products. To minimize the cost of shipping, they are blended with a reduced proportion of water that is added by the operator before serving.

  • Are your juices “not from concentrate”?

    All of our Sun Orchard® Juicery-labeled juices are not from concentrate, which results in a more natural, less processed and significantly higher quality juice than those that are made from concentrate. Juices that are from concentrate have been heavily processed to evaporate the naturally occurring water in juice. This process significantly extends the shelf life of the juice but damages its flavor and aroma. For certain custom products that are more price-sensitive, we can blend and bottle juices from concentrate.

  • What is the difference between products that are “condensed” and those that are “from concentrate”?

    Most of our condensed products are made exclusively with not-from-concentrate juices. To make our condensed lemonades and juice products, we blend carefully selected ingredients like freshly squeezed lemon juice and cane sugar with a small amount of filtered water. To complete the recipe, the remaining water is added at the operator level. This reduces the cost of shipping and allows us to provide our customers with cost-effective products that don’t compromise on quality.

    In contrast, concentrates are processed to physically remove the natural water from juice in order to reduce storage costs and increase shelf life. In general, juices made from concentrate do not taste as fresh as not-from-concentrate products. At Sun Orchard, we prefer to use not-from-concentrate juices whenever possible in both our condensed and ready-to-drink juice blends.

  • What designates a fresh juice?

    A truly “fresh juice” is one that has not been processed in any way, whether it’s thermal, pressure or any other technique besides standard refrigeration. Fresh juice has a very short shelf life, typically about 12 days. Because of this and the potential for food safety issues, Sun Orchard® Juicery does not offer any fresh, unpasteurized juices.

  • What is your stance on GMOs?

    Sun Orchard® Juicery does not use genetically modified fruits in any of its juice products.

  • Are your products allergen free and gluten free?

    Yes, all of Sun Orchard® Juicery’s products are allergen-free and gluten-free. They also contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or trans-fats.

  • Are your products Kosher?

    Yes, all Sun Orchard® Juicery products are Kosher certified.

  • Benefits of using our products vs squeezing in-house or using aseptic products

    The benefits of using our products vs squeezing in-house or using aseptic products are: