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Juice is a mainstay on beverage menus and can often be the first item consumed by your patrons. Whether it’s an all-natural, 100% pure orange juice, grapefruit juice or apple juice with breakfast, or a lemonade or limeade to kick off lunch or dinner, first impressions matter – make your introduction count.


97% of consumers deem “freshness” important. Accordingly, 90% of restaurants use “healthy halo” terms like “fresh” and “natural” on menus to appeal to the consumer demand for more nutritious food and beverages.


Consumers want their food to have a positive, memorable story that adds to their dining experience. They’re demanding artisan-crafted, minimally processed, locally and regionally-made food and beverages. They also crave opportunities to customize what they eat and drink, which is reflected in the growth of the fast-casual segment.


To differentiate your operation, menu your juice products as being specially made by Sun Orchard® Juicery, a “Craft Juicery”. Go one step further than “healthy halo” menu descriptions and include the amount of fruit used to make each glass of juice or lemonade.

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