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Specialty Beverages

With more consumers demanding healthy, portable snacks between meals or as meal replacements, juice-based specialty beverages have become a new daypart. Specialty beverages can drive traffic, encourage repeat business, and increase sales during off-peak dining hours.


More than half of consumers (51%) say they eat snacks at least twice a day, and 31% say they’re snacking more frequently than they were just two years ago.


Smoothies and juice blends deliver on two of the most important snack attributes – healthfulness and portability – and are a perfect option for a snack or meal replacement.


Using Sun Orchard® Juicery juices as a foundation for smoothies or juice blends, plus fresh fruit, veggie or herbal add-ins, can make your restaurant a snacking destination for all times of day. Create and promote LTO beverage specials during mid-morning snack time, as afternoon “pick-me-ups”, or for a non-alcoholic option on your happy hour menu.

Contact us for more ideas and insights about how our juices can help you create unique specialty beverages.

SOURCE: "Demand for snack opportunities on the rise". March 17, 2014

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