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Sun Orchard® Juicery’s pure juices and bar mixes hit a sweet spot for mixologists, offering a perfect balance between ease of execution and authentic citrus flavor. They provide the pure taste and aromatic essence of fresh-squeezed fruit, without the operational hassles, food safety concerns, and consistency issues of squeezing fresh fruit in-house.


65% of consumers prefer higher quality drinks vs. deeply discounted, lower quality drinks.


Long thought of as the “unsung heroes” of cocktails, juices and bar mixes are catching up with spirits and are starting to share the spotlight – both on menus and in the minds of consumers. This is particularly true when it comes to Millennials. While 30% of overall consumers say they pay more attention to mixes used in their cocktails today than they did two years ago, 45% of Millennials are paying more attention to their bar mixes.


Millennials are truly looking for an experience to talk about when they go out to enjoy a cocktail or two. They want premium quality, unique concoctions and authentic flavor – and they want to tell their friends. As more consumers continue to pay attention to the juices and bar mixes in their drinks, take advantage of this opportunity by using “healthy halo” descriptors on your cocktail menu. Phrases like “housemade”, “handcrafted”, “artisan”, “with juice from fresh limes or lemons”, and “pure juices” may entice Millennials, and your patrons in general, to order a $10 cocktail instead of a beer, glass of wine, or tap water.

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SOURCE: “A New Age for Mixers”, from Technomic’s On-Premise Bar Mixer Marketplace Report. By Donna Hood Crecca. Sep. 24, 2013.