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Menu Categories

When it comes to juice, we keep operators on-trend, profitable and one step ahead - for all dayparts and every occasion.

Flavor, authenticity, freshness and signature touches make a menu stand out.

Our premium, all-natural juices, lemonades and bar mixes deliver in all areas, unlike over-processed, shelf-stable juices, dry mixes and fountain beverages. The quality and consistency of our pure ingredients, crafted with care from tree to table, add value for any menu and a wide variety of beverage and culinary applications.

Traditional Dayparts

Sun Orchard® Juicery offers 100% pure fruit juices, lemonades and limeades that will add an element of freshness and authenticity to the traditional beverage segment of your menu.

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Specialty Beverages

Juice is the foundation for an endless variety of specialty beverages, a $22 billion and growing menu category. This category includes beverages such as smoothies, fruit teas, flavored lemonades, limeades and aguas frescas.

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This booming category in the bar scene relies heavily on juice. With consumer’s rising expectations and willingness to pay for quality, it’s very important to offer only the best mixers and juice products available.

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Citrus juices add value to a wide variety of dishes, desserts and sauces, and are increasingly popular menu descriptors for high-volume items like guacamole, hummus, and BBQ. Don’t overlook juice as an important culinary ingredient.

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